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EVE Valkyrie_wormholetubelaunch

NVIDIA Gives Overview On EVE: Valkyrie Upgrades

A more visual look at the changes.

You may well recall a story put out by VRFocus last week where we told you about the various new graphical tweeks and updates given to CCP Games’ flagship virtual reality (VR) videogame EVE: Valkyrie, part of the famed EVE universe made popular by EVE Online.

EVE Valkyrie ScreenshotNVIDIA VRWorks technologies had been brought to bear on the title and as a result a number of improvements were announced relating to graphical fidelity, dynamic lighting changes (including the addition of so called ‘godrays’) and more.

Now the computer graphics firm has released a new video on YouTube where they show these improvements off and explain just what was done. Presented by GeForce Channel Executive Producer Chris Turner, the video goes through each notable upgrade with gameplay footage and side-by-side comparisons.  You can see the video below.

This is just the latest update made to the VR space dogfighter, formerly known as EVE-VR. With previous significant content updates including GatecrashWormholes and Groundrush. With work continuing as always VRFocus will bring you news on any future updates and upgrades as we get it. For more on EVE: Valkyrie check out our interview with Lead Game Designer Andrew Willans on the Groundrush update and CCP Games’s thoughts on the future of VR.

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