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Oculus Rift Sale Price Also Available In Europe, Rubin Comments On Price Drop

Oculus Rift and Touch bundle on sale in Europe for £399.

News that Oculus are dropping the price of the Oculus Rift with Ttouch bundle in the US was met with much enthusiasm by the virtual reality (VR) community, especially by consumers who had previously been put off by the high price point. Customers in Europe can also now join the rejoicing, as the Oculus Rift Summer Sale deal is also coming to Europe.

Some customers may be slightly disappointed to find out that the Oculus Rift with Touch deal is priced at £399 (as opposed to $399, which the current exchange rate makes a better deal) but it has been noted that the Summer Sale price is still a significant drop that will draw the attention of many European customers.

The new price of £399 for the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch bundle is already available on Amazon UK, as well as on Amazon Germany and Amazon France, where is it available with a price of €449.99.

Oculus Touch

Oculus Vice President of Content Jason Rubin spoke to MCV, saying that he felt this was a compelling price point for the average user: “We think that [a £399] price point is very mass market,” Rubin said. “It’s been proven on other high-end VR systems that are succeeding right now, and we think with the best library in the business, even more great announcements of software coming in the near future, and really the best multiplayer and single player games out there, that now’s the time to do this and really drive people into high-end VR. So we’re very excited to announce that.”

While the summer Sale price is only temporary, and will be scheduled to return to the previous price in six weeks, Rubin said that customers may expect other deals like the Summer Sale to appear in future: “We, as a Facebook company, are experimenters. We believe in learning through data, and we believe in learning through testing and seeing what works, and we’ve always known and we’ve been very clear that VR was going to be a) a challenge to get into the mass market, but b) inevitably going to succeed in the mass market. And so, as a company, we tend to test the waters with sales.”

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