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Apollo 11 Moon Arrival

One Small Step Onto Gear VR For Apollo 11

The eagle has landed onto mobile virtual reality.

Putting man on the moon is quite possibly mankind’s greatest technological achievement. It was a task that inspired the world technologically and a goal that inspired the world culturally. And even so many years after the fact the first reach out of man into space – that first, small step – continues to amaze and affect us.

Apollo11-Demo-headerApollo 11 VR Mobile for Samsung Gear VR sees the history of NASA’s famed eleventh Apollo mission in 1969 brought to life in an interactive documentary. An educational experience made through a combination of archived audio between the astronauts and mission control, accurately recreated views inside and out of the capsule and lunar lander, and use of the data from the time. Any would be Buzz Aldrins or Neil Armstrongs can even take control of the craft during particular sequences.

Originally created with the assistance of a Kickstarter campaign and made popular online via a number of reaction videos and also available on both Steam and Viveport for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Apollo 11 VR also known as Apollo 11 Virtual Reality Experience is developed by Immersive VR Education Ltd, who are also responsible for educational platform ENGAGE and Titanic VR.

Apollo 11 VR Mobile for Gear VR is now available on the Oculus Store for £3.99 (GBP), you can see a trailer released by the developers below. VRFocus will bring you more news regarding Gear VR releases as we get them.

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