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PlayStation VR Tiny Trax Pre-Orders Available at 20% Discount

PlayStation Plus users in Europe can pre-order Tiny Trax at a discount.

PlayStation VR users who subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service in Europe can take advantage of a special offer to pre-order virtual reality (VR) racing title Tiny Trax for 20% off ahead of the title’s release.

Tiny Trax is described as ‘Micro Machines meets Scalextric’ and emphasises player comfort to avoid VR motion sickness issues. The title places players in a colourful world of miniature racing cars, allowing players to control toy cars from a child’s perspective, boosting vehicles around and over their own body and jumping them high overhead. The player remains static relative to the virtual world and controls the action going on around them, reducing the discomfort than can arise from VR use.

Tiny Trax also offers online multiplayer that allows up to four players to race together over 12 tracks and three environments with six vehicles to select.

Tiny Trax screenshot

PlayStation Plus users in Europe can pre-order Tiny Trax now for £10.39 (GBP). The title is due for release on 25th July, 2017. Details on pre-orders for the USA will be available ‘soon’.

“We’re tremendously excited that Tiny Trax is now available to pre-order for PlayStation VR in Europe,” said FuturLab Director James Marsden. “VR is still a new concept to a lot of people, so we strived to make a game where all the environments evoke emotions of comfort and excitement. In Tiny Trax you play as a full-sized adult in a tiny world with even smaller cars – It’s a hugely compelling and re-playable game that we hope brings a new perspective to VR.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on Tiny Trax and other upcoming PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

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