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Psychsoftpc to Supply VR Ready Computers on Amazon B2B

Amazon partnering with Psychsoftpc for new Amazon B2B portal.

Psychsoftpc has been selected by Amazon to offer its Business Class Computers, High Performance Virtual Reality Ready Computers, Professional Workstations and Tesla Personal Supercomputers on the new Amazon B2B Portal. Psychsoftpc will be the first to offer high performance computers on the portal.

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Currently Psychsoftpc is offering computers based on Intel Core X Series CPUs and the latest NVidia Geforce GTX GPUs and NVidia Quadro Professional Workstations Graphics Cards. Each machine is Hand Crafted and made in America.

New technologies such as 3D printing, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and the need for 4K monitors for more detailed work are fast becoming mainstream. By adopting new technology first, small businesses can differentiate themselves from slower large firms and gain market share. But in order to take full advantage of these innovations businesses need better, faster computer equipment.

Psychsoftpc is a Quincy, Massachusetts hand crafted high performance artisanal computer manufacturer. Although some of their offerings are called Gaming Computers this does not preclude them form functioning in a business environment. Gaming computers are after all faster, more powerful, better quality PCs. In fact, gaming computers make excellent work computers because they will outperform cheaper desktops from office supply stores.

Psychosoftpc artGaming computers have to have the best graphics cards and CPUs, and all that is important in photo editing, 3D modeling and rendering, 4K photo editing and display, as well as VR. Psychsoftpc will offer such PC options via Amazon B2B immediately.

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