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PwC Creates Interactive Map of the VR/AR Industry in UK

The map highlights immersive companies by city and VC funding.

With the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industry continuing to grow and expand across the world, keeping up with it all can be a minefield. Companies like The VR Fund release quarterly reports on the industry on its ever changing landscape, now though, global accountancy firm PwC’s UK arm has created an interactive map showing the VR/AR industry in the country.

Developed by Jeremy Dalton, VR/AR Lead at PwC, in partnership with Digital Catapult and Immerse UK, the map highlights a range of data for the entirety of the UK, with users able to select a range of different metrics. That can be either companies by city, funding by city or academic institutions. Upon selecting any of these options users will then be able to extract greater detail by highlighting cities, this will show how many companies are based there and the amount of VC funding that’s been secured.

The data for the map has been collected over the past year, with the only criteria being that companies had to be headquartered in the UK if incorporated, or the founders are based in the UK. And that the businesses offer VR/AR services, build related technology, or offer services that involve the use of such technology.

Companies included have also been catagorised in terms of maturity, with PwC taking into account several factors such as the size of team, funding received, number of offices and the age of the company. From these factors the following classifications were created:

  • Micro – No obvious market-ready product, usually not incorporated, one or two founders
  • Startup – Some level of fund received, possible incorporated
  • Scaleup – Operating successfully for a number of years, potential to expand
  • Established – Strong portfolio of well-known clients, offices around the world, generally at least five years old

If you want to learn more about the VR/AR industry in the UK then checkout the interactive map, otherwise, keep reading VRFocus.

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