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Random42 Launches Educational AR Mobile App

Medical technology provider celebrates 25th Year with launch of educational AR smartphone app.

Random42 Scientific Communication are known in the pharmaceutical industry as a provider of digital solutions such as medical imaging, creating digital representations of things such as disease mechanisms that would be otherwise hard to understand. The company has ventured into virtual reality (VR) before and are now stepping into augmented reality (AR) with the release if its new app.

The new Randon42 app celebrates the company’s 25th year by allowing users to scan something with a smartphone or similar smart device and activating various interactive scientific animations and videos. The content features things like a detailed depiction of a neuron network, or antibodies emerging from a phone screen. The app is primarily aimed at Random42 marketing materials in order to bring traditional pamphlets and brochures to life.

“This interactive app offers clients a new way to experience our work, elevating our standard capabilities presentation into a format that highlights our expertise in a real-life user experience,” said Ben Ramsbottom, Medical Director and CEO at Random42. “We often talk about being a leading agency with strong interactive capabilities, which is perfectly demonstrated in this new innovative platform. We believe that this new app will build upon the great success of our Virtual Reality App that launched last year, which has had tens of thousands of downloads to date.”

Interaction Designer at Random42, Oliver Ellmers, said: “The Random42 Capabilities App has given our interactive department a solid platform to really showcase what we can do. The application exhibits an Augmented Reality experience developed in-house to demonstrate some of our technical abilities in innovative mobile tech, as well as a new and exciting way to bring our printed marketing material to life.”

The Random42 app can be found on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, with the interactive AR elements accessible either by using the Random42 website or scanning a physical brochure.

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