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Reach Robotics Secures £5.8m in Funding for AR Robotics Project

UK robotics firm based out of the University of the West of England is producing robots controlled with AR smartphone app.

A UK robotics company based at the University of the West of England have been working on a project that combines consumer robotics with augmented reality (AR). The company, Reach Robotics has secured a £5.8 million investment to continue its work.

The company was founded in 2013 by Silas Adekunle, Chris Beck and John Rees to create the ‘next generation robotics platform. Since then, Reach Robotics have created a crab-like small robot that can be controlled with a smartphone. The robot, dubbed the MekaMon, can engage in simulated battles against virtual foes by engaging the AR mode on the smartphone controller app, or the user can battle against other MekaMon owners.

Reach Robotics’ CEO Silas Adekunle said: “To date, we’ve executed on our vision for MekaMon as a product with a small and amazing team; this financing round will help us move to the next exciting chapter of our company and execute our go-to-market strategy, strengthen our team and capitalise on some of the amazing partnerships that are developing around the globe. We are now looking for the very best talent across lots of disciplines to join our team and help us achieve our vision.”

The investment came from Singapore-based venture capital company iGlobe Partners. Founder Soo Boon Koh said of the investment: “Reach Robotics is an exciting investment for iGlobe. MekaMon is a sensational product at the crossroads of AR, robotics and gaming sectors; a burgeoning market fuelled by strong demand for immersive play from a new class of consumers.”

Reach Robotics are planning to begin shipment of its MekaMon robots soon. Further information on MekaMon can be found at the Reach Robotics website.

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