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Royal Caribbean Offers Virtual Cruises To Customers

Potential customers can use a HTC Vive to try out on-bard activities such as surfing or rock-climbing.

The travel industry is one that has begun to embrace virtual reality (VR) as an advertising venue. Several travel firms have begun showing off potential accommodation and locations to potential customers, and some operators of tourist attractions have also started utilising VR and augmented reality (AR) to enhance the experience of customers. Royal Caribbean are also embracing VR technology with its new HoliDeck VR software.

Customers who are considering a cruise aboard on of Royal Caribbean’s feel of luxury vessels will be soon be able to visit a Royal Caribbean office and don a HTC Vive headset to experience the facilities and activities that are available on board.

Cruise holidays have been suffering something of an image problem recently, with some consumers perceiving them as boring, an opinion especially prevalent amongst younger people. Royal Caribbean are hoping that the new VR technology will combat that perception as customers can see what is on offer on a cruise ship.

The VR experience is comprised of a combination of live action footage captured in 360-degrees along with CGI recreations that allows potential customers to try out on-board activities such as surfing or rock climbing. The HoliDeck VR software was developer by Iris Fuse Production.

“The live action scenes were captured using a range of high-end 360 cameras equipped with binaural audio microphones to further enhance the overall presentation and presence of the HoliDeck,” shared Dean Reinhard, creative technology director (APAC), Iris Worldwide.

“We are very pleased that the HoliDeck VR experience allows the consumers to have fun experiencing the onboard entertainment first-hand instead of just reading the product catalogue. We hope that through utilising the VR technology and game design, consumers will change their mindset and give cruise holiday a try,” explained Nicole Lai, Marketing Manager, Royal Caribbean.

VRFocus will continue to report on new and innovative uses of VR technology.

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