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Smashbox Arena Launches Today for PlayStation VR

Manic multi-player arena shooter featuring ludicrous physics-based power-ups comes to PlayStation VR.

Previously a success on the HTC Vive, developers BigBox VR have launched multiplayer arena shooter Smashbox Arena on to the PlayStation VR today.

Smashbox Arena was designed specifically for virtual reality (VR). The project began as a way to explore VR and its capabilities and limitations, but once BigBox VR founders Gabe Brown and Chia Chin added guns and multiplayer, they discovered how much fun it was, and the genesis of Smashbox Arena began.

Originally launched on HTC vive on Oculus Rift, it became a highly-rate multiplayer VR title and its players logged over 43,000 of gameplay. The developers announced in May that there were plans to release the title on to PlayStation VR, and Smashbox Arena is now available on the PlayStation Store for $29.99 (USD).

Smashbox Arena Screenshot 1

Smashbox Arena is a physics-driven title. Players must rapidly learn the layout of the arena in order to dodge and seek cover from enemy fire before finding the best way to launch their own assault. The power-ups that are periodically made available are over-the-top items such as giant boulders.

“A team deathmatch-style, extreme dodgeball game gets as competitive, and high-spirited as you’d imagine” said Eric Hine, executive producer at Archiact, “Smashbox Arena shows how designing a VR game around competitive team play makes for an over-the-top entertaining experience with a surprisingly high skill ceiling and great re-playability. We’re thrilled to have partnered with the talented BigBox VR team to bring all this fun to PlayStation VR fans.”

You can watch the PlayStation VR launch trailer for Smashbox Arena below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Smashbox Arena as it becomes available.

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