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Softeq HoloDefense image 1

Softeq Unveil MR Videogame HoloDefense for HoloLens

It’s currently only a prototype at this stage.

Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD), HoloLens, may only be available for enterprise rather than an actual consumer product but that hasn’t stopped companies prototyping videogames for the device. The latest comes from Houston, Texas-based Softeq, with a tower defense title called HoloDefense.

The idea is simple, players take on the role of an air defense commander whose job it is to protect a plasma factory from enemy spaceships that keep appearing through portals.

Softeq HoloDefense image 2

HoloDefense starts by scanning the area of the player, needing to scan 40 square meters of space. Once that has taken place – with Hololens having created a 3D model of the room – the headset then places portals and enemies around the area.

The player can then select a suitable flat surface to place their plasma factory as well as the defensive turrets. So these can go on areas such as tables, the floor or anywhere else suitable. Once the base has been deployed and the turrets place in defensive locations using HoloLens’ hand gestures enemies begin their attack.

This is still an early prototype at this stage but HoloDefense certainly shows how promising MR gameplay would be at home with a device like HoloLens. When the device does eventually come to consumers it’s these early demonstrations that will lead the way.

Checkout the first trailer for HoloDefense and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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