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Spatial Sound Providers Nationalux Coming to HoloLens

Huge library of 3D sound coming to HoloLens in August.

Creating a truly immersive environment involves more than just what you see, what you hear is just as important. 3D sound is a vital part of creating depth, and HoloLens users will soon be able to get that experience with the announcement that Korean 3D sound specialists Nationalux Research Centre are planning on bringing their service to Microsoft’s mixed reality (MR) headset.

The augmented reality (AR) technology will be able to recognise music based on album covers, QR codes, posters and various other images and sources and then automatically stream relevent tracks from a library of over 5 million songs.

The Nationalux Service also uses a method of ‘upmixing’ that allows music files to be converted into 5.1 or even 7.1 channel mixes in order to allow users to distinguish direction, depth, volume and time-lag in order to create a fully 3D audio experience that can be controller with a hand gesture. The technology also allows musicians and other content creators to upload multi-channel 3D audio to the service, allowing users to access ‘next generation’ 3D sound. The creators of the service hope this will help to create a market for 3D soundscapes.

It is also possible that this service could be used in conjunction with other apps and services to provide a 3D sound experience alongside other running mixed reality experiences, such as educational experiences or videogames.

The Nationalux app will be coming to HoloLens as well as iOS and Android smartphones in August 2017, but only Microsoft HoloLens users will be able to take advantage of the premium benefits of the service.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Nationalux and other HoloLens apps as it becomes available.

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