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Dunkirk: Save Every Breath VR Experience

Summer Movie Blockbuster Dunkirk Gets WebVR Videogame

The title is free on desktop and mobile browsers.

Last week VRFocus reported on director Christopher Nolan‘s summer movie Dunkirk getting a virtual reality (VR) experience that takes the viewer into each of the film’s three perspectives: land, sea and air. Warner Bros has announced a second piece of VR content, an online multiplayer called Dunkirk WebVR.

Available via desktop in browsers like Chrome, via mobile devices, or using any WebVR-supporting head-mounted display like Google Cardboard or Google Daydream, Dunkirk WebVR casts players as one of two trapped soldiers. Players get to choose to play with a friend or be paired with someone randomly across the globe, the cooperative nature of the experience means that one player’s choices directly affects the other.

Dunkirk WebVR game

Created by Warner Bros in partnership with Jam3, Google Zoo and Google Chrome VR Team, the experience aims to emulate the cooperative nature of the evacuation as portrayed in the film. Players are exposed to alternating perspectives, sounds and characters along the way, all driving them toward one collective goal – to escape.

Jam3 was responsible for the design and production of the Dunkirk WebVR game, which involved creating gaze-based interactions required to move gameplay forward for your teammate on the battlefield.

If you didn’t know already, Dunkirk  tells the story of the rescue of 400,000 allied soldiers from the German army in WWII. The film is released in theatres on 21st July 2017.

There have been several promotional VR movie tie-ins recently, such as Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience and Blade Runner 2049 VR ExperienceAs Hollywood continues to explore the possibilities of VR experience VRFocus will let you know.

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