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The Best Oculus Rift Games of 2017 So Far – Robo Recall

These are the videogames from 2017 that you should own.

For VRFocus’ first videogame lets head back to the start of the year, to a title that quite frankly should be part of every Oculus Rift users library, and that’s the fantastic Robo Recall from Epic Games. For the majority of the time Epic Games grace the pages of VRFocus because of the company’s middleware development software, Unreal Engine, which is used by virtual reality (VR) developers around the world. While Epic Games has made plenty of standard PC titles, it had never released a fully fledged VR experience until Robo Recall came along.

Naturally before Robo Recall was launched Epic Games had tried out a multitude of different ideas, with a public tech demo coming in the form of Bullet Train. This laid the groundwork for what would become Robo Recall, a frantic first-person shooter (FPS) that encourages players to mix and match between ranged and melee combat.

Robo_Recall_OC3_A4_screenshot_02 (1)

There are a few simple reasons why Robo Recall should be downloaded as soon as you have an Oculus Rift. The first is easy, it’s a AAA quality title that’s free. Yeah, it’s free, you pay nothing for Epic Games’ first VR experience – which is exclusive to Oculus Rift. Then there’s the fact that it was well received by the industry and press. VRFocus reviewed it for launch day back in March, giving it a full five stars, saying: “Robo Recall elicits such a high standard that future FPS titles will be measured by it, and should be considered a killer app for Oculus Touch.”

Set in a world where robots are part of everyday life, something goes wrong and they all start going on a destructive rampage. So its down to you to bring order to this chaos by unleashing some violent payback of your own. Specifically designed for the Oculus Touch, players can dual wield pistols, shotguns, revolvers, or just as easily get up close to rip a robots arm off and batter it into submission.

There are three main areas to play through, each divided into further subsections. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible with the enemies or time available to you. So while you can just shoot them in the face and move on, that won’t really up the multiplier that much. So instead you have to get creative for those highscores. Mix and match between weapons, juggle enemies in the air with well timed shots, take out one robot with another’s head and so on.

Teleportation is the movement of choice in Robo Recall. While certainly not the favourite choice for experienced VR players, it means that anyone can dive right in without having to worry about any VR nausea. When the title first arrived it only supported Oculus Touch’s two sensor setup that comes supplied in the box. That was updated at the end of March so that players who’ve bought a third sensor could enjoy full 360-degree tracking.

And lets not forget about community mod support. The studio actively encourages modders to play and tinker with the videogame, creating new options to further enhance Robo Recall. Epic Games has released several mods with community ones including a Star Wars theme.

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