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The Best Oculus Rift Games of 2017 So Far – Star Trek: Bridge Crew & Wilson’s Heart

These are the videogames from 2017 that you should own.

Continuing VRFocus’ look at the best virtual reality (VR) videogames to have been released over the course of 2017, it’s time to move away from first-person shooters (FPS) and delve into two different worlds, one a sci-fi legend, with a legion of fans around the world who want to ‘boldly go’ on a space adventure, of course it’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew. And the other, a dark psychological horror built in-house at Oculus Studios, Wilson’s Heart.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

For most readers this videogame should need no introduction. The latest release from Ubisoft – created by the publisher’s studio Red Storm Entertainment – Star Trek: Bridge Crew was officially unveiled at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with some of the actors from the films and TV series donning Oculus Rift’s to board a virtual starship called the USS Aegis.

Launched in May, Star Trek: Bridge Crew features both single-player and multiplayer options – although VRFocus did state in its review that the videogame was all about the multiplayer. You get to play in one of four roles, Captain, Helm, Tactical or Engineering, each with its own particular job to do. Once chosen, you and your teammates then head out into space to complete a variety of missions.

While most other multiplayers put you in combat with everyone – or at the very least teams – Star Trek: Bridge Crew really ties four players together in a way other VR experiences don’t. It’s vital that players communicate and work as one to succeed as certain ship functions have to be activated by more than one person.

Fans of Star Trek will love the title, but even those who aren’t will certainly find a unique gameplay experience within.

Star Trek Bridge Crew bridge

Wilson’s Heart

No best of VR would be complete without some sort of horror title in the mix. VR’s unique immersive qualities suit the genre down to the ground, expertly delivering a palpable sense of fear. And so VRFocus would like to introduce Wilson’s Heart, a story driven descent into a psychological thriller by Oculus Studios.

Arriving in April, Wilson’s Heart tells the story of Robert Wilson, a 1940’s hospital patient who makes a grim discovery upon waking up. His heart has been replaced by a mysterious device. Playing as Wilson, you then have to wander the hospital discovering increasingly maddening corridors, environmental hazards, and sinister inhabitants whilst trying to recover Wilson’s heart and the reasons for this craziness.  

With film noir feel to proceedings, Wilson’s Heart is completely in black and white, making it seem that much darker and foreboding. It’s one of those videogames that some players might not be to keen on trying but VRFocus would still recommend you do.

Being such a story driven experience, you’re not given free reign to just wander where you please. You can only teleport to certain locations – in front of a door, next to a desk, for example – in a effort to move you through the story. When VRFocus reviewed the title we said: “Wilson’s Heart is good, even very good at points. Expertly mixing its story, sound and visual aesthetics into a solid experience that’ll draw you in and keep you engrossed for hours.”

Wilson's Heart

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