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The lost bear screenshot 1

The Lost Bear, a 2D Platformer by Oddbug Studio Revealed for PlayStation VR

A released date has yet to be confirmed.

British indie developer Oddbug Studio and Fabrik Games (Filthy Lucre developer and publisher) have announced a new title for PlayStation VR, a 2D, hand-drawn platformer called The Lost Bear.

Set in 3D virtual reality (VR) environments, The Lost Bear brings classic videogame platforming to Sony Interactive Entertainmnet’s (SIE) head-mounted display. A puzzle adventure, the main character is Walnut, a young girl on her way home who must venture through a world corrupted by the toy stealing Snatcher.

The lost bear screenshot 2

Walnut needs to rescue her teddy bear from Snatcher, so Oddbug Studio has combined 2D gameplay with intuitive VR interactions that connect players with the world to help Walnut escape The Snatcher’s Hounds and find her way back home.

Further details are currently scarce, with no official release date or if The Lost Bear is purely exclusive to PlayStation VR. Screenshots and an initial trailer showcase a title that’s going for a VR cinema effect, with players sat in an auditorium with a similar look and feel of the platformer they’re playing on the screen in front of them.

Checkout the first gameplay trailer for The Lost Bear below, and for further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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