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Ubimax Launches Frontline A New Enterprise AR Platform

Ubimax offers new integrated solution for AR wearable technology for business use.

We’ve already seen that augmented reality (AR) and business can be a good fit. From using the technology to do more accurate stock control, to using AR to detect faults and manufacturing defects, wearable technology can be valuable to businesses. Wearable Technology manufacturer Ubimax are using this capability to launch a new AR platform specifically for Enterprise use.

The new platform, titled Frontline, integrates three different AR products, xPick, xMake, xInspect and xAssist in order to offer an end-to-end solution for functions such as production, deployment, operation and quality control.

The new Frontline platform is compatible with the most common smart glasses technology currently on the market, including Vuzix M300, Google Glass Enterprise Edition and Microsoft HoloLens. Ubimax claim that the new Frontline software suite offers significant improvements over previous AR and wearable technology solutions previously offered to businesses.

The software is already being distributed to some of Ubimax’s customers. Ubimax says that customers who have already rolled out Ubimax Frontline have seen significant improvements. Samsung are currently using the software, and Ubimax have released figures saying that Samsung have seen an increase in production speed of 22% and a 10% reduction in error rate compared to figures gathered before Ubimax Frontline was in use.

The software is being made available for manufacturing, retail, logistics and other business interests. Ubimax are hoping that the Frontline software suite will become as ubiquitous as Microsoft Office.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Ubimax AR products as it becomes available.

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