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Unleash Your Creativity With Cyber Paint on Google Daydream

The painting app is available on Google store for £5.49.

There are plenty of creative apps for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, such as Tiltbrush, Medium and Quill, but for mobile virtual reality (VR) headsets that selection is a lot more limited. Launched this month for Google Daydream comes a painting app from indie developer Sterling Crispin called Cyber Paint.

The app enables users to create a 360-degree photosphere, landscape, portrait, or square shaped painting with traditional paint-like materials and also synthetic algorithms that address data-as-material like Chemical, Inversion and Moire.

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Users will be able to see impossible colors by painting with different colors per eye in a phenomena known as color rivalry, while the brush responds to the speed, rotation, touch and twist of the controller to alter size, opacity, color and more.

It’s unlike any other VR app in that it’s made by a contemporary artist, and its medium-aware to VR. By that I mean I tried to leverage familiar tools for mark making and accelerate them with the transformative potential of computation in VR,” Crispin told VRFocus in an email. “I’ve been working in AR for a few years doing UX and prototyping and I made this app as a creative tool for myself over the last few months, that I’m now offering to the public.”

The painting app is available through the Google Play store for £5.49.

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