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V-Racer Hoverbike screenshot

V-Racer Hoverbike Targets WipEout in VR

Vertexbreakers’ debut VR videogame looks to bring the high-speed thrills of WipEout to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Sony Computer Entertainment (SIE) recently brought back the classic futuristic racing franchise, WipEout, in a compendium release for PlayStation 4.The lack of virtual reality (VR) support disappointed many, but indie developer VertexBreakers look set to capitalise on the resurgence of interest in high-speed racing with V-Racer Hoverbike.

V-Racer Hoverbike screenshot

Developed on the Unity engine, V-Racer Hoverbike is a fast-paced futuristic racing videogame designed from the ground-up for VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). According to VertexBreakers, the experience delivers an intense sensation of speed without the pitfalls of simulation sickness.

Little else is currently known about V-Racer Hoverbike, other than the fact that the videogame will be compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and will launch on Steam ‘soon’. A debut trailer has been revealed, available below, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details from VertexBreakers.


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