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VR Content Platform Sketchfab Introduces Sound Support

3D and VR model viewing and publishing platform now offering 2D and 3D sound support.

Sketchfab has been enthusiastic in its support for virtual reality (VR) content, allowing users to share, publish and examine 3D and VR content, including 3D animations in VR, where it has made its entire library of 3D models viewable in VR. Now Sketchfab is introducing the ability to add sound to the 3D creations.

From today it will be possible for Sketchfab users to incorporate both 2D traditional sound along with 3D positional sound into models published using Sketchfab. The developers of Sketchfab are hoping this will be welcome news to the over one million members who use the platform. The new audio functions can be added to existing £D and VR scenes to add music, sound effects of vocal tracks. The new features are available to all users of the Sketchfab platform, on Facebook, Twitter, WodPress or anywhere else.

As announced on the Sketchfab blog: “Your scenes will come to life like never before. Just think of the possibilities: an ambient soundscape to breathe atmosphere into your scene, a voice track providing historical context for your archaeological scan, characters brought to life through synched voice tracks.”

The celebrate the introduction of sound support, Sketchfab have partnered with virtual studio platform Artella.com to show a premiere of the first WebVR animated short, titled ‘Lily and Snout’. The new animated short features a full audio soundtrack and was produced by former Disney Pixar animator Bobby Beck.

You can watch the Lily and Snout VR animated short by heading over to the Sketchfab Facebook page, or to the Sketchfab Blog.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Sketchfab as it becomes available.

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