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VR Games & Entertainment Extravaganza Online Conference Launches Today

Speakers come from Technicolor, AMD, IMAX and CompTIA.

Dedicated virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) events are great places to checkout the latest technology, whether that’s playing the latest videogames, demoing new hardware or seeing talks by industry experts. However, depending on where you live some of these expo’s aren’t always going to be the easiest to reach, requiring significant expense to attend. So today sees the inaugural launch of VR Games & Entertainment Extravaganza, an online event by VR Voice that’s completely free.

Running from 24th-27th July, the conference features expert speakers at the forefront of VR and AR, with more than 50 speakers, four full of days of presentations, one-on-one interviews, panel discussions and other special sessions – there’s going to be one conducted completely within AltspaceVR.

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“Tech conferences flourish during periods of disruption, as they did during the Internet boom and the age of the app, ushered in by the iPhone,” said Charlie Fink, Forbes contributor, co-organizer of the event and a featured speaker in a statement. “Major on-site trade shows cost organizations thousands of dollars to attend, so even big companies can only send a handful of employees. We offer attendees broad access to thought leaders and their insights in real time, with the convenience of never leaving the office.”

The VR Games & Entertainment Extravaganza will feature a keynote interview with Jordan Weisman, a renowned videogame designer, producer, entrepreneur and professor at the University of Southern California. The other speakers come from notable companies like Microsoft, AMD, Giroptic, Zero Latency, Merge VR, Zeality, Technicolor and CompTIA.

While VR Games & Entertainment Extravaganza is the first online conference for VR Voice, it’ll also be holding several regular events over the course of 2017:

  • VR & Higher Education 10th August in Boston
  • VR & Construction/Real Estate 26th October in Washington, D.C.
  • VR & Defense/Public Safety 9th November in Washington, D.C.
  • VR for Good Summit 17th November in Washington, D.C.

If your’re keen on seeing what the conference has to offer you can register for free here. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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