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Preta VR E3 Poster

VR MORPG Preta: Vendetta Rising Hits Oculus and Steam Early Access

During the Early Access period, every player will receive an Early Access Package.

Role-playing games (RPGs) like The Mage’s Tale are starting to gain prominence on virtual reality (VR) headsets as players look for experience with longer play sessions. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 last month, develop Illion Games announced a multiplayer, action RPG with cross-platform support called Preta: Vendetta RisingToday the title has arrived on both Steam Early Access and Oculus Early Access.

Preta: Vendetta Rising is set in the fantasy world of Akirion, ravaged by a virus that’s turned everything into dangerous monsters called Pretas. Naturally it’s up to you to return balance to the world by going on a epic quest, learning how to crafting powerful items and equipment, raise mighty pets and kill a few nasty creatures on route.

Preta: Vendetta Rising screenshot

Promising more than 50 hours of gameplay and support for up to four players, Preta: Vendetta Rising on early access currently only supports Windows 10 at the moment, with further updates due over the course of the year. When fully released the title will also include: Co-op campaign missions; New quests/maps/monsters; Additional classes/companions/items; PvP mode; Fishing mechanisms; Auction house; Multi-language support; UI improvements and Windows 7,8 support.

Illium Games is also offering an early bonus: “Each user gets an Early Access Package (valued at $90 USD) only available during the early access period. This means that a 77% discount is applied given that the game itself is originally priced at $29.99. After full release, the Early Access Package will no longer be available and the price will be lowered, accordingly.”

The title is available now on Oculus Store for £22.99 GBP and on Steam for £22.94. This is a limited time discount available until 12 July, after which it’ll go up to £26.99.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Preta: Vendetta Rising, reporting back with the latest updates.

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