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VR Title Polybius Gets Prominence in New Nine Inch Nails Music Video

Nine Inch Nails new music video for single Less Than uses gameplay from Polybius.

We’ve already seen how virtual reality (VR) can make a great accompaniment to music, and proper use of VR tech can lead to stupendous music videos, as displayed by Bjork’s music video for Notget and the Gorillaz continuing involvement with VR. Now trippy trance shooter Polybius forms the basis of the music video for new Nine Inch Nails single Less Than.

Polybius is a neon-lit, fast-paced space shooter in a retro style that recalls an old videogaming urban legend that involves secret government experiments and an arcade machine that mind-controls children. Produced by masters of surreal videogames, Llamasoft, who previously worked on titles such as Tempest 2000. Polybius launched earlier this year, where it got a favourable review for VRFocus, saying: “Polybius is great fun to play just on the TV, but it is with the addition of the PlayStation VR that it really shines, transporting you to a surreal world where fried eggs fly towards you at great speed and the tutorial consists of the barest of instructions.”

The music video for Less Than features an old-fashioned CRT TV screen displaying the various gameplay elements of Polybius, with the lyrics to the song appearing on the screen in the same fashion as the bonus announcements and tutorial ‘tips’ do when playing Polybius for real. The industrial metal of the single fits surprisingly well with the imagery, since Polybius always had a dark, mysterious edge thanks to the history its name supplied, an air than Nine Inch Nails have long cultivated themselves.

The music video for Less Than can be viewed below. The song is part of the ADD VIOLENCE EP, which will soon be available from the Nine Inch Nails store. The EP will be available on 21st July.

VRFocus will bring you further information on VR in music as it becomes available.

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