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VRstudios Announce VRcade Arena ‘Attraction Management Platform’

Out-of-Home VR franchising is all the rage right now, and VRstudios aren’t going to be out-done.

VRstudios has today announced the release of the VRcade Arena system and Attraction Management Platform (AMP) software. Designed for turnkey installation and operation, and leveraging patent pending technology, VRcade Arena is a warehouse-scale virtual reality (VR) platform providing multiplayer for up to eight simultaneous users in full-motion, immersive and competitive gaming experiences.


VRcade Arena screenshotAMP integrates first- and third-party hardware and software while providing a comprehensive support and operational environment for entertainment venue owners and operators. Designed to enable easy installation and efficient operations, including support of day-to-day functions required by the facilities’ technicians, operators, and managers, AMP gives businesses and individuals the tools to easily operate their VR attraction, manage hardware, software, user profiles and content, gather important data and analytics and view valuable operational reports.

The VRcade Arena has been specifically designed for commercial entertainment destinations, such as theme & amusement parks, family entertainment centers, cinemas and casinos. AMP allows attraction owners and operators to increase their Return on Investment (ROI) through informed decisions about VR as a part of their business. Protecting their investment, AMP supports the integration of industry standards, innovative technologies and content as they become available.

“We are excited to release the VRcade Arena, delivering on an original vision of the company conceptualized over five years ago,” said Dave Ruddell, VRstudios’ cofounder and Chief Architect. “From our 40+ VRcade systems installed around the world, we have learned what it takes to build and manage an arena-class product that can push the limits and best practices of the growing LBE industry. The VRcade Arena enables an exciting new level of immersive out-of-home experiences for everyone, from casual VR enthusiasts to serious eSports competitors.”

Following a debut collaboration with Dave and Busters in 2015, VRstudios plans to offer a robust catalog of gaming experiences for the VRcade Arena. The system will ship with content specifically designed to leverage the unique features that can only be experienced in a location-based arena-scale system.

The VRcade Arena will also be demonstrated at the 2017 IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Expo in Orlando in November 2017, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details from VRstudios.

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