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Killing Floor: Incursion screenshot

A Brief Taste of Monster Filled Killing Floor: Incursion

VRFocus’ gameplay video gives a look at part of the first level.

Tripwire Interactive will be launching it’s first-person shooter (FPS) Killing Floor: Incursion this Tuesday, 16th August. If the title has caught your eye for its free-roaming, zombie filled action, then you may want to checkout a little gameplay video VRFocus has made.

Aiming not to spoil too much of Killing Floor: Incursion, has skipped out on the tutorial – its not the most exciting – and gone in with the first level. Certainly setting the tone of the entire videogame, it’s dark, creepy and you know there’s something hiding in the shadows.

As with any early level its all about getting settled in. So you’ve got a pistol, you find a knife, ammo and health, have a couple of basic puzzles to solve and then its all about those headshots – with some slicing and dicing for good measure.

Really you just need to watch the video. If you enjoy it there will be more, so for all the latest VR news, keep reading VRFocus.

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