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Aces Introduces Two New 360-Degree Cameras

Acer will be showcasing two new 360-degree cameras at IFA Trade Fair.

360-degree video is one of the most popular ways that consumers create and engage with virtual reality (VR) content. From capturing their own experiences on holiday or at a concert, to viewing films specially created for 360-degree viewing, it is one of the fasted growing areas of VR-related content. Acer are encouraging this trend with the release of two new 360-degree cameras.

The first camera is the Holo360, an all-in-one style camera designed to allow the user to easily capture, view and edit 360-degree material. The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, which has enough power to allow for a 3-inch touchscreen, integrated LTE connectivity and the ability to stitch videos in real time. Still photos can be captured in 6.9K resolution, while video can be captured in crisp 4K. The Holo360 runs on Android 7.1, which makes for easy sharing on social networks without needing to connect to a PC.

The second camera is actually two cameras. The Acer Vision360 is designed for use with a car or similar road vehicle. The pair of cameras work in synchronisation to ensure the entire exterior of the car is recorded using clear 4K video. If something hits the vehicle while it is in motion, a recording is automatically triggered, including GPS coordinates of where the incident occurred. If something hits the car whilst it is parked, the Vision360 will also record a video clip and send it to the user’s smartphone. Users can also activate remote vision of their vehicle on demand from their smartphone.

Acer say that price and availability will vary from region to region, but the Holo360 is expected to be available in North America for $429 along with a water-resistant case. A release date of sometime is Q4 2017 is expected. Prices and release date for the Vision360 has not yet been specified.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Acer’s 360-degree cameras as it becomes available.

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