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Update: ApolloBox Uses ARKit For Shopping Experience

Enhanced internet shopping using ARKit technology will be available through ApolloBox one iOS11 is launched.

Since Apple entered the augmented reality (AR) sphere we have seen several companies experiment with the newly released ARKit to create new proof-of-concept idea for entertainment and videogame experiences, but one company has gone a different route, leveraging ARKit’s power to enhance online shopping.

Shopping online has many advantages, such as more competitive prices, greater product range, the ability to have products delivered to your door, among other things. However, when it comes to choosing new furniture, it is difficult to get a true appreciation of how an item will look in your home without physically looking at the item. The Apollo Box uses AR technology powered by ARKit to eliminate this problem by allowing users to get a look at how furniture will look when placed in the home.

Apollo Box has over 100 products available to view through its smartphone app, which allows users to view, move and position a 3D model of the products in real-time, to allow users to examine how a product looks and fits in the home before purchase. The app has products in many area from home décor to electronics, featuring over 400 brands from over 10 countries.

When Apple launches iOS 11 in Autumn, users of the iPhone 6 and up will be able to take advantage of the enhanced AR capabilities provided by the ARKit technology, which will allow users to get a more accurate look at what a chair, lamp or TV will look like when placed in the home, as the ARKIt enhancements allow AR product representations to be ‘anchored’ to a surface, so customers can view a clock on a wall, or a lamp on a table.

Further information can be found on the Apollo Box website.

VRFocus will continue to report on new applications for the ARKit technology.

Update: The previous version of this article was missing the link to the Apollo Box website. This has now been corrected.

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