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HP Z VR Backpack

Arizona Sunshine On A HP Z Backpack PC

Intel demonstrates what Arizona Sunshine can play like when untethered.

One of the downsides to high-end virtual reality (VR) on the PC is the amount of wires and cables that are required to make it work. This can sometimes pull you up sort if you twist around the wrong way, or try and walk too far. One solution for this issue is to take your PC with you. As Intel demonstrates.

The demonstration video features popular zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine running on a backpack PC. Specifically the HP Z backpack PC, powered by an Intel Core i7 7820 HQ. The video features David Nassau from the Intel Corporation talking about the advantages of the backpack PC setup for VR experiences such as Arizona Sunshine.

“This new HP Z backpack is the next step in working on new innovative products together. As a result of this hardware we’re able to offer extremely immersive experiences like Arizona Sunshine. Gamers can get the most realistic gaming experiences with Intel processors.” Nassau said, “Having an untethered VR experience allows you to get the most immersive experience possible. Being able to turn on a dime and not risk damaging your computing or bringing you out of the immersion of the game.”

He continued: “Intel’s been engaged with developers in the virtual reality space and non-virtual reality space and by doing so we’re enabling the most engaging, immersive experiences on Intel platforms.”

The video demonstrating the HP Z backpack PC is available to view below. More information on that hardware can be found at the HP website.

VRFocus will continue to report on new hardware for VR.

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