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Augmented Reality Knight Gallops Through Lincoln

Visitors to Lincoln will be able to catch a glimpse of the elusive ‘Secret Knight’ with AR.

To tie in to the 800th anniversary of the Battle of Lincoln, the historic city has been playing host to a series of sculptures representing knights, which form the basis for the a series of events called the Lincoln Knights’ Trail. This has inspired the creation of an augmented reality (AR) app that allows visitors to see a knight gallop across the city.

The ‘secret knight’ app was developed by the University of Lincoln in partnership with the Lincoln Business Improvement Group. The app is free to download on Android smartphones, and when activated will show the AR image of a medieval knight on horseback, galloping across the screen against the city backdrop.

The knight’s appearance can be customised, with 64 colour combination available to choose from, the AR knight’s size can also be altered with a screen tap so users can catch the perfect image. The image is activated when the smartphone scans a hidden marker located on Brayford Wharf East, on a bridge overlooking the Brayford Pool, not far from the University of Lincoln. A frame has been installed to help visitors capture the perfect picture, and a wireless hotspot has been placed nearby to allow people to download and use the app.

Project Lead Sukhy Johal MBE, Director of the Centre for Culture & Creativity at the University of Lincoln said of the app: “The Lincoln Knights’ Trail has proved to be one of the biggest attractions in Lincoln in 2017 and as a proud sponsor of the trail we are delighted to be able to add to these celebrations further with our interactive installation. With the expertise of those in the School of Computer Science, we have been able to develop an installation that brings the story of these famous knights to life. I hope people will enjoy using the app as much as we have enjoyed creating it and will catch the ‘Lincoln Secret Knight’ while they can!”

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