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Big Immersive Set its Sights on VR & AR Industry

The publisher has announced plans to launch titles globally for all VR platforms.

UK and Dubai-based publisher Big Immersive has announced its intentions to distribute virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to consumers around the world. Whether that’s from 3rd party studios or its own in-house development teams.

Big Immersive plans to support all VR platforms, whether that’s PC, console or mobile. Currently its portfolio already includes three VR videogames, including Agelore’s Fantasy and Love Cubed VR, both of which are on Samsung Gear VR. With its first party studios in Lahore, Pakistan, Big Immersive has a pipeline of content planned to create innovative, and story driven content.

Agelores Fantasy

“As we move through the digital and information age, entertainment is only now beginning to explore the world’s that mixed reality can offer,” a Big Immersive spokesperson said in a statement. “Our intentions are clear; to curate and deliver incredible content to consumers on the devices that matter to them. We’re working hard with our internal teams to deliver what we believe is the next leap forward in mixed reality entertainment, and are actively looking for potential partners to forge new relationships with in the years ahead.”

3rd party studios looking for a publisher may want to contact Big Immersive, which offers dedicated teams for QA, publishing strategy, marketing, and PR. The Publisher will also be attending Gamescom 2017 to seek out new partnerships.

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