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Steel Alive screenshot

Can You Survive In Escape Room Horror Steel Alive?

The VR escape room horror genre gains another victim, er, entry…

Escape room style experiences have been growing in popularity as virtual reality (VR) continues to reach new audiences. Combining it with horror seems extremely popular as well, such as The InpatientSylphe Labs aims to take escape rooms to the next level of extreme with Steel Alive, an obvious pun on the words ‘still alive’. Steel Alive molds escape room gameplay with the horror and adventure genres to create a videogame that aims to be truly terrifying. 

Filippo M. Vela, Co-Founder of Sylphe Labs told VRFocus at Gamescom that the player is put into a steel structure covered in rust. Every room except the first is constructed with the soul purpose of bringing death to the player unless they manage to solve the puzzle and escape the room first. The objective of the game is not only to escape each room but also find out why you’ve been brought here and by who. You have to do this quietly as well, otherwise you’ll set off traps and monsters.

Currently unfinished, Sylphe Labs is looking for a publisher or investor to fully complete the title. Steel Alive will support the Samsung Gear VR, requiring a Samsung Gear VR controller or standard gamepad in order to play properly – this is to both move and have access to the inventory. Check out the studio’s first published trailer online to get a better idea.

Vela explained to VRFocus that the end goal is to have 27 escape rooms which are interconnected with one another. This means that when a player believes they’ve solved a puzzle and move to another room, then turn to go back, they’ll have found a completely new room in its place.

The studio would like Steel Alive to have an arcade mode, so players can purchase different rooms and the whole structure becomes randomly generated in order to extend the experience. If the right publisher and investor help finish the videogame Vela hopes to bring Steel Alive to PlayStation VR and PC next year.

As further details on Steel Alive are announced, follow VRFocus to keep updated on the latest updates.

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