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Catch the Waves In VR as Nakuru Kuro Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Kickstarter campaign aims to raise money of documentary about yachtsman John Ritter’s journey through the South Pacific.

Virtual reality (VR) studio Jiva VR has been working in partnership with Kaleidoscope VR to produce a VR documentary film titled Nakuru Kuru, detailing the journey of yachtsman John Ritter’s journey through the South Pacific. The company have now launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete the film.

Telling to story of John Ritter’s epic journey through the South Pacific, which culminated with the discovery of a giant wave now famed among the surfing community as ‘Cloudbreak’. Nakuru Kuru aims to capture the essence of the remote, tropical locales that Ritter travelled through, such as American Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, along with drawing attention to serious environmental issues facing those places and the ocean that surrounds them.

“We have the opportunity tell one of the greatest stories in surfing history in a transformative medium. John Ritter is a true pioneer not only for surfing, but also as a lifelong conservationist, giving back to society and the environment.” says Nakuru Kuru film director, Steve Engman. “We’re inviting everyone to play a part in making such an important story come to life.”

The VR film will also seek to highlight issues such as the depletion of coral reefs, the protection of marine wildlife and the amount of plastic pollution in the ocean with interactive experiences aimed at raising awareness of what can be done to tackle those problems.

“As storytellers, with Nakuru Kuru we aim to deliver an inspiring story of pushing boundaries, coupled with stunning visuals and a positive message,” says Engman. “Simply by producing the film in VR will provide an opportunity to reach audiences far beyond traditional viewers of environmental films.”

The Kickstarter is aiming to raise $40,000 (USD) in funds, with reward tiers ranging in price from $25 for a digital download of the finished film, to $10,000 for a ‘Creator package’ consisting of a 360-degree digital camera, a VR headset, copy of the film, digital photo album and a pass to exclusive screenings.

VRFocus will continue to report on new VR-related Kickstarter projects.

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