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Combo Announces ARKit Title Pigeon Panic

The augmented reality videogame is due to launch this Autumn.

Ever since Apple unveiled its augmented reality (AR) software ARKit tons of developers have jumped on board, creating all sorts of projects. One of the latest to be revealed comes from Combo, with the studio announcing Pigeon Panic

The title looks like a madcap, point scoring race where players need to collect/scare away pigeons as quickly as possible. As the early preview video shows, players are given 20 seconds for each round, with every bird worth ten points. Along the way time increase tokens can be collected that add five seconds.

Pigeon Panic is due to launch at some point this autumn, probably around the same time as iOS11 gets released. Combo also has several other videos showing some of the team playing Pigeon Panic in the office via its Twitter account.

Expect there to be quite a few titles available for iOS11’s launch with Luden.io’s ARrived a possibility, Apollo Box’s AR shopping app and Directive Games’ The Machines.

As further ARKit projects are revealed VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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