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Destroy A City For Free with VRobot Demo

Luden.io are offering a free demo of VRobot on Steam.

For those who have always dreamed of unleashing their destructive impulses by taking control of a giant robot to lay waste to everything in side, developer Luden.io might have just the thing, with the release of a free demo of its stompy robot title VRobot.

In VRobot the player takes control of a huge robot in order to destroy the other robots who have taken over the world and driven humans out of their cities. In the full version of the title, the robot has access to a variety of weaponry to aid in the swath of destruction. The free demo limits you to just your bare metal fists for the most part, though you do have the opportunity to wield a huge unfolding sword inspired by the Transformers franchise.

The demo includes just one city, which has been selected as it is one that doesn’t require any special weaponry in order to wreck it entirely. The developers say they are offering the demo in hopes that it will attract players who are uncertain about purchasing the full version of the title, and have even said that people who try the demo are encouraged to offer feedback to make the experience better.

VRobot is currently in Steam Early Access available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, needing motion controllers for input, so Oculus Rift users will need the Oculus Touch. The full version of the title is priced at £10.99 (GBP). Further information, and access to the demo, is available through the Steam store page.

VRFocus will bring you further news on VRobot and other Steam VR titles as it becomes available.

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