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DevCom Releases Event Schedule

Several VR/AR focussed talks, workshops and presentations will take place during Devcom event.

DevCom, the videogame developers event at Gamescom will be taking place from 20th-24th August, 2017. The even organisers have just released the schedule of events, of which there are many that relate to the virtual reality (VR, augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) sectors.

Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi will be discussing how advances in technologies bring him back to Rez, Pawel Gajda will be speaking on the continuing issues with simulation sickness and movement in VR, Shen Ye will talk about the Vive Tracker and how that can enhance VR, while Michael Schreiber and Christian Sander will both be giving presentations on different aspects of immersive audio.

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Beginning on Sunday 20th August, attendees have a schedule containing the following:

  • Location based AR Games: Innovating Gameplay and interaction
  • Pushing Boundaries of VR/AR in Automotive Industry
  • Detatched – In-Depth VR Game Post Mortem
  • Challenges on Designing Immersive VR Experiences Without Breaking the 4th Wall
  • Strategic Zoom
  • Future of Game Audio: Mixing for VR
  • Prototyping VR Sucks! Embrace chaos, Think Less, Feel More
  • Auditory Icons and Earcons in Game Audio


Monday continues with more events:

  • Vive Tracker: Bringing Everyday Objects into VR
  • Efficient E-Money Management for Virtual Economies
  • The Unsolved Challenge of VR Locomotion
  • VR Postmortem ‘NewRetroArcade’ – What Indies Shouldn’t do
  • Why New Technology Keeps Me Coming Back to Rez
  • A Year In Local Multiplayer: Learning from HoloCafe

Finally on Tuesday:

  • VR Investment Scene Overview
  • Innovate with Mixed Reality – Unlimited Possibilities
  • Lessons Learned from Porting Mobile Games to Mobile VR
  • Designing for the Sense: Creating Presence for VR
  • VR Summit – Closing Panel.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Devcom and Gamescom as it becomes available.

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