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Dino Frontier Out Now on PlayStation VR

Capture and tame dinosaurs in the Wild West to help build and manage a virtual town.

Did you ever think to yourself that what Sim City needed was more dinosaurs and more cowboys? Then you might be interested in Dino Frontier. Dino Frontier has just launched on PlayStation VR and mashes up management sim, dinosaurs and the Wild West.

Uber Entertainment have just launched its unusual management simulation title Dino Frontier on to the PlayStation Store. Following gameplay elements from classic titles like Theme Park and Sim City, Dino Frontier involves building, maintaining and managing a frontier settlement in the Wild West, but in this case, in addition to harvesting resources, constructing buildings and fighting off bandits, the player also has to deal with marauding dinosaurs.

While dinosaurs can be a threat, they can also be an asset, players can capture velociraptors and ankylosaurs to act like horses or bison, able to carry people and goods. Players even have the chance to capture and tame a Tyrannosaurus Rex to help the settlers and grow the town.

PlayStation VR owners will need to make sure they have two PlayStation Move controllers as those are used to control this title, including the dynamic camera, which can zoom in and out, pan and rotate to allow players to get a good look at the town they are building. Players will also be able to pick up and move their settlers and direct them to perform various tasks such as chop wood or train dinosaurs.

Dino Frontier is available on the PlayStation Store now for $29.99 (USD).

VRFocus will bring you further information on Dino Frontier and other new PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

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