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Drop of Doom VR Ride 2

Drop of Doom VR Ride Available For Limited Time at La Ronde, Canada

La Ronde Six Flags in Montreal will be adding Drop of Doom VR experience to Orbite vertical drop ride.

The Drop of Doom VR ride was originally constructed for Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The virtual reality (VR) experience used in the ride will be available for a limited time only to customers at La Ronde Six Flags in Montreal, Canada.

The Drop of Doom VR experience will be incorporated into the Orbite vertical drop ride at La Ronde Six Flags from the 7th August, 2017. Riders who wish to experience the ride with the VR experience will need to be at least 5’2” tall and at least 13 years of age to use the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Drop of Doom VR Ride

Orbite is a vertical drop coaster that raises visitors to a height of 180 feet before dropping them at speeds of up to 40mph, allowing the riders to experience a brief sensation of weightlessness. The addition of the Samsung Gear VR headsets puts the rider in an experience where they are piloting a high-tech futuristic gunship that is being attacked by giant mutant spiders. As the riders taken on the giant arachnids, hand-sized baby spiders crawl up the ride car and over the rider’s body. The ride car then plunges downwards and climaxes in a showdown with the largest spider of all.

“Again this year, we are proud to offer an exclusive experience combining cutting-edge technology and thrilling entertainment. What better way to celebrate our 50th anniversary than by offering our guests an extreme virtual reality experience,” said Phil Liggett, President of La Ronde.

Further information, such as ticket prices and opening hours, can be found on the La Ronde Six Flags web page.

VRFocus will bring you further information on VR-enhanced theme park rides as it becomes available.

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