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Duel In Augmented Reality With YuGiOh on HoloLens

Proof-of-concept demo allows AR monsters to appear on the field.

After the launch of Pokemon Go there was much speculation on what would be the next franchise to dip its toes into the augmented reality (AR) waters. The popular Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise seemed like a safe bet, considering the Anime series canonically uses holograms to enhance its card game duels. That may be becoming reality, with a new demo for the Microsoft HoloLens.

A YouTube user going by the name of MicrowaveSam posted a video showing a demo of a Yu-Gi-Oh AR game. Titled as ‘Yugioh AR’, the video for the fan-made videogame shows a use donning a HoloLens headset, where a screen appears allowing the user to select what action they wish to take. A number of options are available, such as the option to summon a monster, activate a spell or trap card along with several other options.

Like in the standard form of the card game, the players face each other, a stack of AR cards beside them, and each player starting at 4000 life points each. Each player begins with a hand of five cards, with another drawn each turn. As a monster is summoned, an AR representation appears on the field, visible to both players, while selected cards appear in front of the player they belong to, so they can inspect them.

Summoning and other actions have a voice control action, so a player can select a monster card and say ‘Normal summon’ and the monster will appear on the field, with other actions able to be controlled the same way.

Of course, Yugioh AR is not licensed, and similar to the Super Mario Bros HoloLens demo, is only a proof-of-concept illustration of what is possible with the HoloLens and current software. You can watch the video demonstration below.

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