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Explosive Screenshots from League of War: VR Arena

Strategy action title League of War: VR Arena will be coming to PlayStation VR in Autumn.

Developer MunkyFun announced earlier this week that it was intending to bring popular mobile strategy franchise League of War to the PlayStation VR as League of War: VR Arena.

League of War: VR Arena will let players control up to 12 units, four of which can be deployed at a time. Units can include the likes of soldiers, tanks, flamethrowers and helicopters, which need to be carefully placed and directed for optimum strategy. Each unit costs resources to deploy, so players will need to think carefully about what should be deployed and when.

The title will be controlled using the PlayStation Move controller, with the player having an overlooking view across the battlefield, able to use the Move controllers to pick up and set down units to the best spot – similar to how real world miniature wargames work.

A single player campaign mode and quickplay Arcade mode will be available at launch. The Arcade mode will allow players to be matched against other players using customised armies.

The title is expected to be released in Autumn of 2017, though a price point has not yet been set.

You can look through the screenshots below to get a taste of what is coming, or visit the MunkyFun website for further information.

VRFocus will bring you further information on League of War: VR Arena and other upcoming PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

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