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Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep Delayed

Final Fantasy XV fishing spin off is delayed until 21st November, 2017.

The road to a virtual reality (VR) experience for Final Fantasy XV has not been easy. With initial excitement over the plans for a full Final Fantasy XV: VR Experience dashed once SquareEnix confirmed that the title would not be going ahead. Now the fishing spin-off Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep has been delayed until November.

Square Enix initially announced that the standalone VR fishing spin-off would be coming to PlayStation VR in September 2017, but a more recent post on the Japanese Square Enix website shows a release date of 21st November, 2017.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep is primarily a fishing title, but incorporates RPG elements. The title is controlled with the PlayStation Move controllers, though Dual Shock control is available as an option. The player holds a sonar device in one hand to find a likely fishing spot, then the other hand is used to cast the rod. There is a quest system to earn cash and find upgrades for your fishing gear. There are even boss battles planned.

When you land your fish, Noctis will come and examine it with you. If you manage an impressive catch, the Final Fantasy XV crew will cook and eat it by the fireside, complete with a photo by Prompto is the catch is particularly amazing.

A price point for the title is still to be confirmed.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep as it becomes available.

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