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Finalists Announced For Innov8: V-Commerce Competition

Find out more about those who will be presenting their ideas in October.

You may recall a story we covered on VRFocus back in July, where Store No.8 and Thrive Global came together to launch a new competition which focused on virtual reality (VR), not for games, but as a tool to aid commercial endeavours. The contest was called the Innov8: V-Commerce Competition and it had some potentially invaluable rewards, on a business level, should you have been chosen as a winner. Not just development capital in oprder to facilitate the development of your idea, but mentorship and the chance to work with big names in the retail sector who could potentially be your busiess partners.

Submissions ended at the beginning of the month and earlier this week the ‘Innov8tors’ selected were announced. There are five finalists in total, all of whom five finalists that will present their ideas at Innov8’s exhibition on October 18th 2017.

You can find a little bit more about all five below:


Based in San Francisco, Fyusion is “on a mission to fundamentally change the definition of photography” as they explain on their website.

“The company’s breakthrough technology generates deeply immersive “surround view” images that fuse the capabilities of a traditional photo, a panorama, motion capture and 3D to create a more complete, captivating photography experience.”



Based both in Culver City, California and Wellington, New Zealand, 8i‘s technology is implimented to transpose recordings of humans into immersive reality spaces.

“8i provides the easiest way to create, mix and experience human holograms that look real and feel as if they were in the same room. Our proprietary technology transforms video from an array of cameras into a photo-realistic 3D hologram of a human that can be viewed from any angle, on any device for virtual, augmented or mixed reality.”


A VR software developer from Los Angeles who already this year took GTC’s Grand Prize at VR Content Showcase, Nurulize work on Atom View which they describe as “a cutting edge tool for raw volumetric data processing, color management, and delivery. Built from the ground up for VR, Atom View helps you integrate the highest quality volumetric data on the planet with traditional workflows for game or film.”

Specular Theory

Based in Venice Beach, California Specular Theory create VR films and have had selections at both Sundance and Tribeca since their foundation. The company “creates and distributes cutting-edge, premium, and authentic experiences for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed-reality and location-based entertainment (LBVRE).”

Perspective Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor


New York based Obsess provide three types of 360 degree experiences giving different levels of immersion and retail options. You can find an example of one of their campaigns here: https://360experience.verabradley.com/

VRFocus will bring you news on the event in October and any updates in the meantime as we get them.

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