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G’Audio Lab Launches Upgrade To VR Audio Tool

New version of Works audio tool provides more intuitive user interface and better workflow.

It has long been recognised that sound provides an invaluable part of an entertainment experience. Filmmakers and videogame developers have used audio in the form of music and sound effects to affect the audience in ways both subtle and overt for decades. The importance of sound in virtual reality (VR) is not something that can be overlooked, so it is vital to have the right tools to deal with it. Enter G’Audio Lab, one of the best known names in the VR sector for immersive audio, who have just launched an upgrade to their flagship VR audio tool.

Works is G’Audio Labs’ signature spacial audio solution which allows filmmakers, sound engineers and developers to create realistic soundscapes in 360-degree films and VR experiences. Works can be integrated into Pro Tools as an AAX plugin, allowing it to be incorporated into existing workflows, allowing creators to place object sounds within a virtual environment. When content built using works in rendered and experienced with a head-mounted display (HMD) sound objects change depending on the user’s interactions and relative position, so what the user sees matches what they hear.

“Audio is finally recognized as a powerful storytelling tool in virtual reality, not just a trivial effect for supporting visuals. The first half of 2017 has proved this — we’ve seen an explosion in cinematic VR and 360 video content incorporating spatial audio and binaural rendering technology.” said Brooklyn Earick, Director of Business Development at G’Audio Lab. “We hope to support the creative minds behind those projects and allow the VR users to immerse even more deeply in the virtual world. Works has taken another huge step in the direction with an even more intuitive UI and powerful new functionality.”

Works is available for free download from the G’Audio Labs website.

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