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Go Behind the Scenes on The Lost Bear

Developer Odd Bug Studios goes into detail about the creation of puzzle-platformer The Lost Bear.

Upcoming adventure puzzle-platformer The Lost Bear will be launched for PlayStation VR on the 31st August, 2017. Ahead it its launch, developers at Odd Bug Studio have released some images that give insight into how the title was created.

The Lost Bear is a hybrid of platformer and puzzler that follows a girl called Walnut who must learn how to face her own fears and overcome the many obstacles that are in her way and she seeks to recover her lost teddy bear, who has been stolen by the villainous Snatcher. Walnut will need to learn many new skills on her way to escaping Snatcher and return home with her beloved bear.

A series of images showing the development of The Lost Bear was shared on Image sharing site Imgur, along with commentary describing the progress. The process begins with the Art Director creating concept art of how he wishes a scene to look. Next, all the assets that form part of the scene need to be created. The post points out that every aspect of it needed to be hand-painted to meet the aesthetic look the creators were going for.

As the process of painting the various layers is under way, the 3D art team build up the diorama that forms the ‘stage’ and surrounding area. Once that is complete, the layers are stacked together, like a much more complex version of a paper-cut-out puppet theatre.

Then, lighting and other post-processing effects are added to get the finished result.

You can view the images below. Or you can view the Imgur post HERE.

VRFocus will bring other news on The Lost Bear and other PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

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