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Caleb Adams for Vogue

Google VR Series Explores Supermodel Closets

Google Cardboard and Daydream users will be able to explore a supermodel’s wardrobe in new 360-degree video series.

The world of the supermodel holds a certain fascination for many people. High fashion, make-up, glamour and globe trotting make that world very attractive to some, and Google is offering those people a glimpse into that world with a new virtual reality (VR) series available on Google Daydream.

The series is titled Supermodel Closets and will be available on YouTube 360 for the Google Daydream, with the first episodes going live on 15th August, 2017. The series goes inside the closets of some of the worlds mast famous models, with models such as Kendall Jenner and Cindy Crawford making appearances to look through their clothes collection and discuss the stories and memories behind some of their favourite clothes.

Caleb Adams for Vogue
Caleb Adams for Vogue

The series was made in collaboration with Condé Nast Entertainment and is one of the first 360-degree video productions to use YI HALO, Google’s upgrade to the Jump cameras. The new cameras offer 4K quality and full 360-degree views, allowing viewers to look in every direction, even upwards, without seeing distortion or stitching seams. Executive Producer Julina Tatlock was able to use the new camera to access even very awkward, tight spaces with no problems.

Other features such as close-ups of the clothes being discussed and unique graphics will also be added to the video to present a unique, immersive view into the lives of supermodels.

Supermodel Closets is viewable on YouTube 360 using a Google Daydream or Google Cardboard. Further episodes will be released over the following weeks.

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