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Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix Gets Full Release

Soccer-inspired title will be leaving Early access and introducing zombies and aliens.

Codemodeon launched its eccentric football/shooting hybrid title Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix onto Steam early Access back in November 2016. Since then, several updates have come to the title, but the biggest has brought the title out of Early Access and into full release whilst adding the ‘big zombie update’.

Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix is the story of a young football/soccer player named Axel Rix, who, while training and trying to improve his football skills, find bizarre and extraordinary events taking place around him. Many of these things can, by astonishing coincidence, only be resolved by the correct application of a soccer ball at high velocity.

In essence, Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix is a physics-based shooter which uses the interesting mechanic of heading balls towards the target instead of shooting it as in a regular shooter title. The new release update will include footballs with various different effects, such as burning, freezing or exploding and some that move like missiles.

The overarching story of Axel Rix is also expanded as part of the update, bringing in a lot of dancing zombies in a ten-chapter expansion plus a boss fight at the end. The title character will also meet Agent S.C.A.R.Z, who is an alien.

Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix is available in full from 17th August, 2017 for the HTC Vive, currently priced at £12.99 (GBP). Further information and updates can be found on the Steam store page.

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