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Defense Grid 2 GearVR 1

Hidden Path Brings Popular Tower Defence Title Defense Grid 2 to Gear VR

It’s also free to try on the mobile headset and Oculus Rift.

This week Hidden Path Entertainment has brought its highly successful tower defence title Defense Grid 2 to Samsung Gear VR, as well as offering a free trial for mobile users and Oculus Rift owners.

The studio launched Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition to Oculus Rift on launch day and now Gear VR owners get to experience all the same content.

Defense Grid 2 GearVR

What’s new about the launch is a new ‘free to try’ aspect Oculus has started, with Defense Grid 2 being the first title. Previously the company has had demos available but they’ve been few and far between. Instead this new option is actually the full videogame – rather than just a slice – with players only able to access a certain part of it. In this case Chapter 1 is available to fully play, if they like it then they can pay to access the rest of the title which is a further five chapters.

This is the same for both headset versions, and if it proves popular will likely see a continued roll out as new content is released.

The Gear VR version of Defense Grid 2 features complete controller support, whether that’s the headset touchpad, a Bluetooth gamepad, or the new Gear VR controller.

VRFocus reviewed the Oculus Rift version last year, giving it the full five stars, saying: “Hidden Path Entertainment know what they’re doing with tower defence videogames. They’ve taken their tried-and-tested method, not messed too much with the core formula and come up with Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition. In doing so they’ve created an addictive title that continues to do the series proud.”

For any further updates from the studio, keep reading VRFocus.

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