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High Fidelity Have Integrated Vive Trackers Into VR Platform

Vive Tracker support will allow for more sophisticated user avatars in High Fidelity’s social VR platform.

Since the launch of the Vive Trackers, a number of uses for the devices have been put forward, from the obvious body tracking in videogames, to more esoteric uses – including one enterprising developer who used one to track his cat. High Fidelity have now introduced Vive Tracker support into its virtual reality (VR) platform for real-time social VR applications.

High Fidelity originally launched its Sandbox VR platform in 2016, enabling VR creators to create VR worlds that could be connected together for a more social and connected VR experience. With the integration of Vive Tracker support, now possibilities for motion capture and social experiences are opened up to developers, such as users working together to produce full dance or stage performance, despite the individual performers being miles apart.

“The future for VR will fulfill the promise of completely lifelike communication at any distance,” said Philip Rosedale, CEO, High Fidelity. “With the Vive Trackers, the capture of the detail and nuance of body language is now possible for the first time.”

HTC Vive controller tracker image

The integration into the High Fidelity platform enables Vive Tracker use without needing a headset, so more acrobatic maneuvers can be performed. The tracking capability has been built in to High Fidelity’s already existing inverse kinematics system to allow for the creation of real-time motion in VR avatars.

“The Vive Tracker dramatically cuts development time by offering an easy way to capture motion control data within VR,” said Daniel O’Brien, GM US, Vive. “High Fidelity’s investment in motion capture using the trackers will help to further development for a host of VR categories from social applications to entertainment.”

A video demonstration of what High Fidelity and Vive Trackers can do is available to view below.

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