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Holocafé VR Arcade Expand to two New Locations in Germany

The two new venues are located in the cities of Aachen and Troisdorf.

Virtual reality (VR) arcades are proving to be popular with more appearing worldwide, and some even expanding. The latter is the case with Holocafé, a German startup that opened its first venue last year. The company has announced two further locations, in the cities of Aachen and Troisdorf.

The venue in Aachen will focus on just VR, whereas the Troisdorf venue follows a store-in-store concept, combining lasertag and VR in one location. Both locations will feature multiplayer rooms for 2-4 players, in which they share the same physical and virtual space, allowing them to interact and communicate openly.

Holocafe gamers

Holocafé locations currently feature three exclusive VR titles that are created by the company’s in-house developers:

  • Holo Arena: A cooperative arena shooter
  • Carpe Lucem: A multiplayer version of the HTC Vive launch puzzle game
  • Chaos Commando: A party game parodying co-op titles such as Star Trek: Bridge Crew

“We have heavily invested in developing an operating software for our franchise partners, allowing them to automate most processes. In addition to our growing and exclusive multiplayer games catalogue, our platform provides online booking, payment, processing of age rating and facility automation,” said CEO Sebastian Kreutz in a statement. “We’re closely collaborating with our franchise partners to develop the platform further. Soon, players will be able to order their drinks in VR.”

In addition to the two new locations, the company is currently constructing a 600 m² flagship store in Düsseldorf as well.

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