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Hologate VR Showcases Their Turnkey Multiplayer Platform at Gamescom

Fight with your friends or against them as enemies.

VR arcades and out-of-home, location based virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly popular. With Hologate’s opening of Presence VR in Munich, Germany earlier this year Nina discusses Hologate VR’s work and future plans.

With up to four players you can play with or against each other with no motion sickness, in HTC Vive headsets. You have the options to choose between two videogames, but the one showcased at Gamescom was a sci-fi first-person shooter VR title where four players have to take down hoards of robotic drones, dragons and enemies. VRFocus put on a prototype haptic vest, and managed to play for ten minutes, which is the average amount of play time you get.

Prototype haptic vest

With teamspeak you are able to communicate with your friends or anyone else playing with you, as you duck and hide under shields for cover. At the center of the four players is an area where you can power up your weapon, but you have to communicate as only one player can have access to this power up at a time.

Hologate is seeking to expand and is working on a free-roaming warehouse scale project named Hologate X, which will be opening up in the near future. Although it seems that Presence VR is the only Hologate at the moment, it looks like they will be expanding to Beijing and Los Angeles in the near future. Global scoreboards will also allow players in different countries to compete against one another.

VRFocus¬†will continue to bring you updates and news on Hologate’s progress. Stay tuned for even more news, features and interviews from Gamescom 2017.

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