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They Came From Space screenshot

How Cloud-Based Physics Could Revolutionise VR

Everything is moving to the Cloud, why isn’t VR?

Processing power needed to run virtual reality (VR) is high. You need to be able to run a videogame at 90 frames per second (FPS) with stereoscopic rendering and high-end tracking to have an enjoyable VR experience. Cloudgine however think they have a solution in the cloud and networking technology that was used to power Oculus Toybox and Crackdown 3.

They Came From Space screenshotCloudgine has announced they’re working on They Came from Space, a cross-platform multiplayer videogame for VR and PC where you an play online with up to 10 players in fully destructible and dynamic environments using cloud-powered physics. You will also be capable of streaming from within the videogame straight to Twitch with a streaming director camera system. This combination will allow VR and AR developers to push technology further, without having to worry about how to adapt their videogame or application for low-end hardware that will not have the capabilities of running VR smoothly. By taking all the processing power online to the cloud, a lot of software companies can optimise their software, sync with various different platforms (iOS and Android) and keeping it up to date. Cloudgine may be on to something here, check out the video below to find out more.

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